Some of features available on EasyMapMaker are:

  • Color markers - identity different types of data using different colors
  • Contour lines (radius around point(s)) - see the density of distances from certain locations
  • Clustering - combine nearby locations into a single location to load more pins on a map, improve map performance, and avoid a big blob of pins
  • custom markers - identity locations using a specific image
  • Data Exporting to Excel - export the visible data on the map to excel
  • demo videos - see demo videos on youtube
  • distance filtering - find locations within a certain radius
  • Easy map creation - copy and paste data and create a map
  • Filters - bring the power of Excel filters right to a map
  • Geocoding - convert addresses, zip codes, cities, and/or states into latitude and longitude coordinates
  • high resolution image - export a map to a poster sized image
  • Label pins on a map - view exactly where a location is by labelling a marker with a pin
  • Large Data Sets - load thousands of locations onto a map
  • Map styles - change the look and feel of a map with an existing style or use your own
  • numbered pin - number pins as an easy way to identity where something is
  • Pdf export - export the visible map to a pdf file
  • Sample maps - view examples of maps to see some possiblities
  • Zoom in limiting - limit the details that can be seen on map

Features available on free and subscription maps:

Feature Free Maps Subscription Maps
Free Maps Yes. No
Large Data sets No (up to 250 locations) Premium Maps (up to 15K locations)
GeoCoding (Address Processing) Rate 1 per second Up to 50 per second (when more than 60 addresses)
Marker Clustering (for nearby locations) Yes Yes
Category Filtering (multiple marker colors) Yes up to 7 different marker colors Yes up to 20 different marker colors
Numbered Pins Yes (1-99) Yes (1-99)
Marker (Pin) Label No Yes
Search (and navigation box) Yes Yes
Custom CSS styling Yes Available as a url parameter (css=)
Custom Logo No Premium Maps
Zoom-in (detail) limit Yes Yes
KML Generation (for Google Earth) Yes Yes
Mobile and Tablet maps (automatically) Yes Yes
Directions Yes, turn by turn text navigation with "more options" (not mobile compatible)
Location Services Yes Yes
Edit Map (add data) Yes Yes
Embed map Yes Yes
Password Protected Maps No Yes
Security Yes Yes
My Maps Yes Yes, menu option
Support Contact Us, FAQ, and Support area
Map Data Export Yes Yes
Distance Filter Yes Yes
Up to 12 Lists of dynamic filters Yes Yes
Count of items available in filter list Yes Yes
Multi-select filters Yes Yes
Data Hiding Yes Yes
Zoom-in only search box Yes Yes
Custom markers/pins No Yes
Radius around all points No Yes
Map Styles Yes Yes
Export Map as Image or Pdf Yes, using web browser Yes
High Resolution and Poster size maps No Premium maps
Heat Maps Yes Yes