The colors are automatically assigned based on the column you set as the Group (see image below). There are up to 20 different colors that are used for premium/pro users and 7 for free. If a column has more than 20 (7 for free maps) unique values, they will be combined together in ranges. It’s best to define the range yourself and use that for the group.

Assign a group to change the pin colors:

group data

After assigning a group the colors can be changed as shown in the above image by clicking on ‘Show Group Markers‘ (becomes ‘Hide Group Markers’ after clicking).

A video to demo changing marker pin colors

A very real life situation is as follows:

In order to assign different pin colors to two spreadsheets, one with sales reps and the other with potential customers.  The spreadsheets need to be combined into 1 and a column (possibly ‘sales type’) needs to be added.  The values for the column can be ‘sales rep’ and ‘customers’.

Sample Transforming Zip Code data for multiple colors

In order to add 3 different colors to the map for the following zip codes in the table:

Sales Rep1 Zip Codes Target Zip Codes Future Zip Codes
30546 30553 30557
30547 30554 30558
30548 30555 30559

The data needs to be transformed into the following to get 3 different colors based on the zip code type:

Zip code Type
30546 Sales Rep1 Zip Codes
30547 Sales Rep1 Zip Codes
30548 Sales Rep1 Zip Codes
30549 Sales Rep1 Zip Codes
30552 Sales Rep1 Zip Codes
30553 Target Zip Codes
30554 Target Zip Codes
30555 Target Zip Codes
30557 Future Zip Codes
30558 Future Zip Codes
30559 Future Zip Codes

The resulting color options will appear

Colors for different zip codes