General data security is as follows:

  1. Passwords are stored encrypted.  We cannot decrypt them.   An algorithm is used to see if an entered password matches the encrypted value.
  2. Addresses and other common data entered is not encrypted.
  3. When doing server side geo-coding only the addresses are uploaded.  The other data is kept separately and stored when the map is saved.  Data is not stored in the ‘webroot’.  However, user supplied logos and pins are stored in the ‘webroot’.
  4. Addresses are sent to Google when doing geo-coding (both client side and server side).
  5. If only doing client side geo-coding (slow) and if the map is not saved then none of your data is sent to our servers.
  6. Data entered into the form to create a map is saved to our servers when the map is saved.
  7. All created maps (map urls) are kept private.  They are only accessible by Google if they are posted online when Google can access them.