Cancel anytime during the first 7 days to get an automatic refund. Account bills monthly until it is cancelled.

Plans Basic Pro Premium Premium Big Data
Price per month Free $29 per month $59 per month $59 per month
Geo-code rate* 1 per second up to 50 per second1 up to 50 per second1 0 (user supplied latitude and longitude)
Maximum Pins Per Map 250 per map 1,500 15,000 100,0002
Geocodes per day* 5,000 15,000 0
Geocodes per month* 15,000 50,000 0
Password Protected Maps
Label pins
Unique groups (marker colors) 7 20 20 20
Radius around pins
Custom Images (pins)
Pdf Map Export
Map Image Export
High Resolution images (up to 10800 x 7200 pixels) 20 per month 20 per month
Custom logo (or hide logo)
Number of users Sign in not available 1 1 1
Sign Up Sign Up Sign Up
*A single geo-code counts as an attempt to convert an address to a latitude/longitude to use on a map.
1For data sets smaller than 150 items, the 1 address per second client side geo-coder is used. Server side is queue based but can process up to 50 addresses/second.
2User needs to verify map performance is acceptable for large datasets (within 7 days), otherwise the account can be cancelled.
All maps have access to the features
Data Hiding
Customize Search box
Nearby Filter
Kml exporting (limited to 25K items)
Css styling (logo hiding removed besides premium maps)
Map Styles
Numbered pins and fixed pin numbering