Filters can be added to a map to give good combination of mapping an excel.  To add filters to the map on the create or edit page do the following:

  1. Copy/Paste or drag and drop data into the main form
  2. click “Set Options”
  3. Click “Show Advanced Options”
  4. Click the show text next to the “filtering” text (as shown in the image).
  5. Select one or more items from the available filters

add up to 12 filters

There are 4 different option available when using filters they include:

  1. Dynamic filters (enabled by default) – this causes the options available to filter on to change based on data that is available.  For example when filtering on rooms and bathrooms in a list of house, filtering on houses with at least 4 bathrooms, that might cause the filter for 1 and 2 bedroom houses to be removed.  (See a sample map:
  2. Display filter count – this displays the number of items matching each filter.  An example would be:  5 bedrooms (21).  In this case 21 would be the number of 5 bedroom matches.
  3. Multi-select filters.  – this allows multiple options to be selected from a single filter.  For example, 4 bedroom and 5 bedroom houses could both be selected. (sample map:
  4. Pre-selected filter values –  this will set defaults for the filters when the map loads to whatever values were set when the map was saved.  The default is for all filters to be unselected.