How do you place hundreds if not thousands of locations (zip codes, cities, states, zip codes, countries, latitude and longitude coordinates, etc) on map quickly? was designed for this purpose. If you can copy and paste hundreds or thousands of items, you can map them.

Google Maps allows for mapping up to 100,000 items on map, but our clustering engine is capable of more locations. The more data on the map the worse the performance gets, so the limit is 100K locations with the premium big data plan.

In order for large amounts of data to be mapped, all the individual markers cannot be visible. Clustering or the grouping of nearby markers is supported and automatically set when there are more than 150 items. Some browser such as Chrome can handle up to 10,000 visible pins without major performance issues. Combining markers that can be as dense as 100 into a cluster easily allows for large data to be mapped. Zooming in on the map allows the individual markers to be visible.

There are 2 ways to map larges amounts of data

1. Data with Latitude and Longitude coordinates (up to 100K locations with the premium big data plan)
  1. Make sure your data has the necessary latitude and longitude coordinates
  2. Make a map on our making page
  3. Save the Map
2. Data with addresses (no latitude and longitude coordinates, up to 15K locations with the premium plan)

The second option is when your data does not have latitude and longitude data.

  1. Make a map on our map making page
  2. For datasets larger than 150 addresses (Pro & Premium only), wait for the server side geo-coder to finish (generally 2 minutes for 4K addresses)
  3. Once all the locations have been processed the map will be generated. Addresses with errors will appear in the error table.

Sample Map with over 14,000 locations

View a map with over 14,000 locations to see how maps with clustering look and perform with large amounts of data.