Pro, Premium, & Enterprise Users

Login, view the map and select export map from the menu. A window will popup allowing you to select the options for saving the map. These include poster size images ( Premium & Enterprise only 10800 x 7200) and the visible map window. The image/pdf will use the current zoom level of the map. For images larger than the visible map dimensions, the areas bordering the visible area are used.

For high resolution poster sized images, it’s a good idea to zoom in. High resolution means the image will be 4 times larger than what is visible in the browser.

Free Users

To save your map as a pdf file, use google chrome or safari to print the map and save it as a pdf file instead of printing it.

You can save your map as an image by taking a screen shot of your map (alt + print screen normally works; or try ctrl + print screen). Once you have a screen shot, you should be able to paste it into an image editing tool such as The size of the map can be as large as your web browser window if you don’t embed it.