A map is easy to edit or delete from the edit page. For unpaid maps the edit page url is provided in an email if an email address was entered when saving the map. If an email address was not entered then an email will need to be sent to support@easymapmaker.com with the map url in order to obtain the edit page url.  For subscribers the edit page can be accessed from the my maps page.

Map Removal

The edit page contains a button to remove the map. There is confirmation to make sure you don’t accidentally remove it. Once the map is removed the data used to generate the map is removed from our system. What remains is a record the map existed.

Map Editing

There are a couple of options to edit the map. One was is to use an updated spreadsheet and paste the data into the form. Another way is to copy the data from the form and modify it in a spreadsheet then paste it back. Once the data has been modified, click on ‘Re-Map’ to regenerate the map. Any map settings can be changed, and they will be saved as long as the map is updated and saved after they have been made.

Using the map edit page is generally a much better option to keep existing settings and should be much faster than creating a new map.

In addition to modifying the data for the map the following information can also be changed:

  • Modify the map alias for an easy to remember url
  • Change (or remove) the password (pro, premium, and enterprise maps)
  • Modify the map Title and Description
  • Hide or show data below the map