Want to update your map with modified data? If an email address was entered while saving the map, there will will be a url to view the map and another url to access a page to edit the map.

Edit Page Features

The edit page allows the following changes to the map:

  • Modify the map alias for an easy to remember url
  • Change the password (pro & premium maps)
  • Modify the map Title and Description
  • Remove or show data below the map
  • Update the data on the map
  • Change other feature on the map

Updating the map data

The Map Edit page is a great place to add data to the map that could not be previously geo-coded due to possible issues with the address. It is also a great place to copy & paste the original data and see addresses with errors. It's also where modified data can be entered from your spreadsheet. No need to copy the data, just paste your spreadsheet data with headers that match the existing data. The mapping coordinates (latitude and longitude) are cached, so only the new data will need to be geo-coded.

The original settings should be saved. This means whenever a map needs to be changed or updated, it can be done quickly and easily with a slightly modified dataset.

Follow the steps below to update your map:

  1. Copy your modified spreadsheet data from your spreadsheet program
  2. Click "Re-Map"
  3. Save the Map after doing any modifications