• EasyMapMaker is an entirely internet cloud based mapping solution. Create a customized Google map in minutes or seconds instead of hours by copying and pasting your (excel) spreadsheet data.
  • Our mapping solution was designed to be one of the easiest ways to make a map. If you can copy and paste your data you can make a map!
  • Create pin maps using our pre-defined pins or use your own pins with our advanced maps. You can share your map with the world, embed the map, create kml for google earth, or only view the map yourself.
  • Our mapping solution is built on Google Maps, so most users are already familiar with the maps. We make adding pins (markers), data, filters, and customizations easy.
  • EasyMapMaker is focused on providing the easiest pin based mapping creation and viewing tool available.

Check out the sample video to see how to make a map.

Overview of making a map with easymapmaker.com Mapping is this easy. Make a basic map with http://www.EasyMapMaker.com with a few clicks. If you have a data with location information in a spreadsheet, you can quickly make a google map.

What are you waiting for? Create your own pinmaps!