• EasyMapMaker makes adding multiple addresses, zip codes, cities, and other location based data to a map as easy as it can be.
  • You can map any kind of address data ranging from latitude and longitude coordinates to countries, states (provinces or regions), cities, zip codes, and/or specific addresses.
  • Create a customized Google map by copying and pasting your excel or other spreadsheet data to make a map.
  • You can map hundreds or thousands of addresses at a time quickly and easily.
  • Our tool is entirely free. Our satisfaction is when people save time and our happy using our software.

We will show you how to plot your addresses and zip codes on your own map in the video

Overview of making a map with easymapmaker.com Mapping is this easy. Make a basic map with http://www.EasyMapMaker.com with a few clicks. If you have a data with location information in a spreadsheet, you can quickly make a google map.

What are you waiting for? Create your own map now!