Below are some differences between EasyMapMaker and MapPoint when considering an alternative to MapPoint.

  • EasyMapMaker is cloud based and 100% accessible online. This means you can view and share maps on most devices without any software to install or maintain.
  • EasyMapMaker is powered by Google's Mapping Api, so maps can be made in hundreds of countries. The map layout is familiar to most users already but maps can be made faster and easier since EasyMapMaker was designed from start to make mapping multiple locations really easy.
  • EasyMapMaker has almost no learning curve. If you can copy and paste data and click a button, you can make a map.
  • EasyMapMaker includes advanced maps for more customizations and features so analytics and (excel) spreadsheets can be combined with maps for a truly powerful experience.
  • EasyMapMaker has a free version available to anyone as well as paid tiers with more options.

Check out the sample video to see how to make a map.

Overview of making a map with Mapping is this easy. Make a basic map with with a few clicks. If you have a data with location information in a spreadsheet, you can quickly make a google map.

What are you waiting for? Get mapping!