Are you looking for the nearest location to a certain address or another location? It's easy to find the closest location to any other location using the search box. Type in a location and hit return or click the search icon and our service will automatically navigate the map to the closest location

Filter data as well

The search box also functions as a filter box. If you are looking for something and don't quite remember what it is, just type in the search box and after a few characters a list of items will display. If you select an item, such as a city name, with multiple mapped locations, the map will zoom in to display only those items. Most of the data from the spreadsheet is automatically entered into the searchable range, making for easy filtering on similar data. This should not be confused with the predefined filters that are created in advanced maps that can allow different data columns to be filtered. However, in some situations they can function the same way, such as if a city is filtered on in the search box and filters are setup for the city.

Filter By Groups (Themes)

Group your data by up to 10 different marker icons. When clustering is enabled with grouping, pie charts show the density of selected groups.