Use EasyMapMaker to export your visible map to a poster sized image. Poster size maps can be generated as large as 10800x7200 pixels (3 feet x 2 feet at 300 dpi). The image generator has produced images as large as 14400x10800 (4 feet x 3 feet) and is capable of producing larger images (more to come on this).

Generate a poster sized image using the following steps

  1. Create and save a map using a Premium Account.
  2. View the live map (go to My Maps or click on the generated link) after saving the map.
  3. Click on the 3 horizontal lines to reveal a menu.
  4. Select "Download Map Image or Pdf"
  5. Choose the approriate options from the modal then click "Download"
PDFs and Images cannot be generated on the create or edit page, only from the live map when you are logged in.

A live map url is something similar to

High resolution image generation (and all image generation besides the visible map option) uses the zoom level and resolution of the map. This means areas outside of the map will show up on the generated image. For example, in the modal/popup below the visible map is 4556 x 1696 pixels in the popup. A 10800 x 7200 image will grab over 2500 pixels from the top and the bottom (7200 - 1696 = 5504 pixels not shown) of the map that are not visible. Zooming in 2 levels would do a better job of revealing the total height of the image that will be generated (4 * 1696 = 6784 pixels, a few pixels less than the actual height of the image generated).

High resolution image generation (exporting) supports the following:
  • Clustered pins (pie charts and circles)
  • Custom pins (automatically resized)
  • Maker pin labels
  • Radius around a point
  • Category Legend (optional)
  • Map styles
  • nearby filter circle visible on map

High resolution images doe not support the following:
  • driving directions
  • user styles defined in a custom css file
  • open marker descriptions

Export pdf or image menu

Pdf and Image Export Popup (modal)

Export pdf or image modal