You can use EasyMapMaker to label any or all of your the pins on your map. Multiple locations on a map can be confusing without a label. Map pin labels allow locations to be easily identified and allow for further map customization

Add a map pin label to each marker by following the steps:

  1. Have a column in you data you want to use as a label
  2. Drag and drop your file (or copy/paste the data)
  3. Click Set Options
  4. View the "Pin Label" section
  5. Select the appropriate column from the drop down
  6. (Optional) Set the "Pin Label Zoom In" value so pin labels will only show up when zoomed into a certain area
label pins on a map

See an example map with pin labels (as the address):

To make a map like this yourself, download the sample file and follow the instructions (above).

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