Use EasyMapMaker to export your visible map to a pdf file or an image.

Export your map by following the steps

  1. Create and save a map using either a Pro or Premium Account.
  2. View the map.
  3. Click on the 3 horizontal lines to reveal a menu.
  4. Select "Download Map Image or Pdf"
  5. Choose the approriate options from the modal then click "Download"

Pdf and Image generation (exporting) supports the following:
  • Clustered pins (pie charts and circles)
  • Custom pins (automatically resized)
  • Maker pin labels
  • Radius around a point
  • Category Legend (optional)
  • Map styles

Pdf and Image generation (exporting) do not support the following:
  • driving directions
  • nearby filter circle visible on map
  • user styles defined in a custom css file
  • open marker descriptions

Export pdf or image menu

Pdf and Image Export Popup (modal)

Export pdf or image modal