There are a few ways to map multiple locations in order to create a custom Google map:

  1. Use Google MyMaps and enter locations one at a time
  2. Use Google Fusion tables (soon to be turned off) to map lots of locations with some customizations
  3. Find a programmer (or write code yourself) to create a custom map
  4. Use EasyMapMaker to create a custom map for you

EasyMapMaker is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create a custom Google Map. Our high speed address processing engine can process over 5,000 addresses a minute. We use Google's Maps API and have added some popular features such as pin labels. Creating a map using our system requires data (normally from excel or a spreadsheet) with address information (such as address, city, state, zip (postal) code) or latitude and longitude coordinates. Other information can used on the map for things such as filtering, pin labels, or pin descriptions.

Some ways to customize a map

  1. Change the color of pins
  2. Use your pins
  3. Add a label below the pins
  4. Set a custom style for the map
  5. Add excel-like filters to a map
  6. Limit the zoom-in (details) of the map
  7. View the heat map layer
  8. Add contour lines (a radius) around one or more pins
  9. Filter data by distance from a point

If data is in an excel or other spreadsheet file and has address information, it can be used to create a custom map.

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