Map multiple locations on a custom google map. Our service was designed using some of latest technology including google's maps api. Normally making a custom map involves tedious work of entering data on a map. We allow you to copy all the data and use the google maps api to map the data. We also use other complex techniques to make your data searchable and filterable using things like inverted indexes (some of the technology behind search engines).

Maps with thousands of locations can be created in minutes with either the Pro or Premium plan. All kinds of data can be mapped, including zip codes, cities, states, addresses, countries, and existing latitude and longitude coordinates.

It's really this easy

  1. Copy and paste data from your spreadsheet into our form
  2. Set the appropriate options (optional)
  3. (Optional for advanced maps) Set the items to display and filters
  4. Click "Make Map" (all done!)
Create A Map

EasyMapMaker is an easy way to map your data. It's also a great way to search, filter, and group your data