EasyMapMaker allows maps to have filters, so a custom version of a complex map can be generated.

Excel like filters allow custom data to be added so filtering is only limited based on the available data.

Pin labels allow certain data to standout right away (as seen in the sample map below).

See an example Pin Labels, Filtering, and pin colors:

To make a map like this yourself, download the sample file and follow the instructions:

  1. Copy and paste data from the spreadsheet into the map form
  2. Click "Set Options"
  3. Set the group to be PRICE RANGE (show image)
  4. Click "Show Advanced Options"
  5. In the "Choose items to show in marker description" section, hide the price range
  6. In the "Select up to 12 items to filter on" section, make sure HOME TYPE, BEDS, and BATHS are set in the Filter section (show image)
  7. Click "Make Map"
While EasyMapMaker.com is able to generate ranges from data, to get the desired range, it's best to use excel (as was done in the sample file).