The fastest and easiest way to create a map from excel (xls) spreadsheet data.

Our service was designed to bridge two popular applications (excel spreadsheet data and google maps) and turn them into one. Take your excel or other spreadsheet application data to the next level by mapping address or location based data. You can map any many kinds of locations including the following: countries, states (and provinces), cities, zip (and postal) codes, streets, and specific street addresses. The more specific the address, the more fine tuned the maker pin will be placed on the map. If you can copy and paste data, you can map it.

Use advanced maps when filtering, data hiding, direction text, distance based filtering, or exporting the data on the map is desired.

Our regulat data filters allow up to 200 items to be filtered on and there can be up to 12 filters. Multiselect filters all all the unique items to be filtered on unless they are blank.
Naviagation (Directions) & Distance Filtering
The left hand direction (more options) navigation includes the option for showing directions on the map as well as the detailed turn by turn directions from one point to another. The nearby filter allows a circle to be displayed (if desired) as well as a filter based on the distance from a location. The distance from that location can be displayed in the data below the map.

Complex maps can now be made easily

  1. Copy and paste data from your spreadsheet into our form
  2. Set the appropriate options (optional)
  3. (Optional for advanced maps) Set the items to display and filters
  4. Click "Make Map" (all done!)
Create A Map

Take your excel (spreadsheet) data to the next level by putting it on a map and adding your own custom filters.