Geocoding is the process of translating address, city, state, zip, and other location information into map-able (latitude and longitude) coordinates. If location information already contains latitude and longitude information, there is no need to geocode the data and a map can be made in as little as a few seconds.

You can geocode address information from an Excel spreadsheet by pasting your data into our service. We use the Google Maps API to do the geocoding for you. Once all the items have been geocoded, they will be placed on a map. Sometimes addresses or locations cannot be found, other times they get placed in an incorrect location. When pins are mapped to the wrong location they can be moved when editing the map.

When geo-coding zip codes it is best to add the country the zip code is located in.

Copy and Paste Data from Excel

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Geocode locations effortlessly.

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Our service gives a rolling estimate on the time it will take to finish the geocoding based on how fast some of the previous items have been processed. Generally smaller lists process at a faster rate than larger data sets. Google's client side geo-coder slows down after 250 address, so 250 locations can be processed using our free service.

The server side geo-coder can process 50 addresses at a time and generally takes 1 second to process those 50 addresses. The server side geo-coder is available on our Pro & Premium service.

Note: the geo-coded latitude and longitude coordinates are not available to export per Google's Terms.