Change the url string for the map to something easier to remember. Valid characters are numbers, letters, underscores (_) and dashes (-).

E-mail address to receive notifications about modifications or map expiration.

Auto-delete map

Map layout:
Modify your map:
  1. Copy and Paste modified data or drag and drop your excel file
  2. (Optional) Set Options (when adding new columns)
  3. Click "Re-Map" (wait for new items to process).
  4. (Optional)Move items on map or Change options (and Update Map)
  5. Save Map

1. Modify Map Information

Edit information for your map in the "Modify Map Details" section. The map url (alias), title, description, email address, layout, and protection level can be changed. The map can also be deleted on this page.

2. Add (or remove) Data

Edit your data by copying data or dragging your excel file into the form (this needs to include all the data you want on the map, new and old). You can also edit data in the form directly, but this is not recommended. The form can also be used to copy/paste data into excel.

3. Change Map Options

Set any options that need to be changed. If any options were incorrectly set, they can be changed before or after the map is re-generated. Click on Re-Map to geocode any new addresses and re-generate the map. Markers may be moved or deleted. After changing options on the map, click "Update Map" Save your map when things look good or save it after making changes.